We are a team of multi-disciplinary designers, 
art directors, and specialized creative leads that influence the shape of the Airbnb brand through visual craft and storytelling. Our canvas can be as small as a button and as large as a billboard, and anything in between. We work horizontally across the company to establish cohesion and elevate craft.
Graphic Design
at Airbnb focuses on weaving together a story using typography and some kind of visual, like photography or illustration, and translates this to multiple surfaces. We create graphic solutions in service of creative problems while collaborating with other minds to serve the mission of the company.
Brand Identity
at Airbnb focuses on exploring the strategic positioning and visual articulation of new programs or initiatives. We help establish them in relation to our existing brand and hone in on visual narratives across product and marketing surfaces.
Design Language System
at Airbnb makes sure that the Airbnb brand is expressed consistently across a range of surfaces. We help others understand the use of brand guidelines, create production-ready assets, and develop new ideas to keep the brand evolving.
Editorial Design
at Airbnb focuses on developing art direction for content, sourcing creative collaborators, and designing not only articles, but social content, marketing communications, and overall style. We help bring content to life, spread the word about articles, and keep the look and feel unified, always with an eye on humanity and expression.
at Airbnb focuses on driving excellence in visual communication through the drawn image, both static and animated. Our work touches Product, Marketing, and Policy and flexes in expression from highly emotive to functional. Wherever there is a need to communicate an idea or emotion through drawings, we uphold the integrity of Airbnb’s illustration identity.
at Airbnb works across mediums to design stories that advance our brand's narrative and its representation of our product and community. We identify key points of the narrative structure and create visuals that best tell that story.
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